G-Unit members Whoo Kid and Tony Yayo discussed Haiti recently, expressing feelings of sadness, shock and guilt about the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince on Jan. 12.

"It feels f---ed up," Whoo Kid told MTV. "Why Haiti? I don't want that to happen to any country, but Haiti -- that country is already f---ed up. They always say black people can survive being poor. A true Haitian can survive anything, but I don't even know if they can survive that. You might as well throw a nuclear bomb there. I don't know. It's really bad. I'm so confused as to what to do. I feel guilty that I'm in my home while people are over there dying."

Both Whoo Kid and Yayo are of Haitian descent, so the disaster struck particularly close to home. "It's a serious, serious thing," Tony Yayo agreed "It's confusing, man. It shows you how life is -- Haiti lost everything in 30 seconds. In 30 seconds, no warning. It's, like, the country is poor already, and now a natural disaster hits it. They need more than help. It's crazy, man - they was left with nothing. It's a poor country already. It's no telling what's gonna hit next."

"I'm sure Wyclef is against the wall," Whoo Kid said of fellow Haitian artist, who has raised over $2 million towards the Haitian relief fund. "There's so much s--- for him to do. He's probably stressed the hell out. You can't prepare for no s--- like this...Wyclef called me and told me he'd seen a baby's head decapitated. He'd never seen nothing like that before. He might have nightmares behind that. That's something you see in World War II."

"I spoke to [cousin and G-Unit producer] Sha, Yayo -- a lot of Haitians I know in the industry," Whoo Kid added. "We all have the same problem where we just don't know where our families are. People are missing. People have died. I talked to a lot of my friends where their family members are outta here - the whole family gone. Wow...I don't wanna get confirmations of my family members dying," he continued. "So I'd rather just get the limbo situation and just wait and pray. I feel sorry for all the people out there. It's a tragic situation. Haiti has been messed up for the last 10 years. America has never really helped Haiti - 80 percent of Haiti's poor. So you put an earthquake on top of that, what do you call it? What do you do? It seems so hopeless. It's gonna take months to get back to some type of normality."

Whoo Kid, Yayo and Sha Money XL have all taken part in the relief effort, sending money and clothing. Yayo has revealed plans to release a song, featuring fellow Haitian artists, to sell through iTunes, with the proceeds going to the Haitian relief fund.

"Everybody need to give a dollar," Whoo Kid continued. "Can you imagine if the whole U.S. gives a dollar? It would be taken care of immediately. It's so tragic to see human beings be in that situation and suffer."

For more information, or to make a contribution to the Haitian relief fund, click here.

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