G-Unit is making a comeback. The New York rap group will drop new music this month via their project, Power - The Mixtape. The collection supports 50 Cent’s popular Starz drama of the same name.

On Saturday (Aug. 12), DJ Whoo Kid premiered G-Unit’s new track, “Dead Bodies (Catch a Body).” Over a sinister beat, Young Buck, Tony Yayo and G-Unit newest soldier, Uncle Murda, spit grimy bars about dealing out bodily harm to the haters.

"I just ran a rapper over in a brand new Benzo, skrrrr / We still sell gas bags at the Citgo / Hashtags of names that we've hit before," raps Buck.

Yayo follows referencing the classic 1991 flick Boyz N the Hood in the second verse. "N----s are trying to see a dead body / Movie like Doughboy see a dead body / I see dead people / Dead witnesses / Life’s short, we trying to end this s---,” he spits.

Finally, Murda delivers a deadly verse rapping, “It’s bling-bling with all these chains and these watches / All them dead bodies got the feds watchin’, n----.”

G-Unit's Power - The Mixtape will be hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. There's no word on release date, but you can expect the project to drop very soon.

Speaking of Power, 50 Cent went on his Instagram page to reveal that STARZ executives think he leaked the final three episodes of the hit show’s fourth season.

“STARZ thinks I leaked my own show,” he wrote. “Anyway if you have on demand catch POWER tonight 12:00AM. If not Sunday 9:00PM it is LOL #50Centralbet.”

Let's hope that's not the case. Peep the G-Unit single above.

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