Brooklyn rapper Fabolous was questioned by Atlanta police about his role in the theft of an extremely rare Lamborghini from a local hotel.

Surveillance video reveals that two members of Fab's entourage approached a valet employee at Atlanta's upscale Intercontinental Hotel, requesting keys to a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, only two of which exist in the entire United States. The men then drove the ridiculously rare vehicle from the hotel parking lot, while Fabolous and several others followed behind in a minivan.

The police quickly identified their famous culprit and offered Fab a plea bargain if he dished the whereabouts of the hijacked vehicle. Though the police promised not to pursue criminal charges if Fab gave them the information they requested, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard claims that the investigators then turned around and attempted to prosecute the rapper.

"After discovering the vehicle, the police, in direct contradiction to the promise that was made, asked our office to assist them with this criminal investigation by obtaining certain Grand Jury testimony," Howard stated. "To ask my office to participate after the promise was made, in my opinion, directly violates the agreement made to the party who provided the information. I believe the integrity of the promise was more important than pursuing suspects, particularly since the vehicle was located. Integrity demonstrated by prosecutors and law enforcement, is not only of utmost importance and what the community demands of our office, it is everything."

The owner of the car, developer Eric Vargosko, is, however, suing the hotel over the theft of the vehicle. Fabolous has yet to make a statement about the incident, but we can expect to see a Twitter war with the police department's public relations department, and the potential trending topic #atlantapolice in the near future.