A big congrats goes out to Fabolous, who was recently given a key to Brooklyn, N.Y., his home borough.

The ceremony took place at Brooklyn Bontanic Garden and besides the rapper, a family member of the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat was honored, since he was from Brooklyn as well. Both Fab and Basquiat's name was etched into the garden's walkway, and everything was hosted by Erick L. Adams, the borough president.

Clearly, regardless of all the accolades Loso has received throughout his 19-year career, getting a key to his hometown obviously touched him in a different way.

"I feel honored to be inducted into Brooklyn's own Celebrity Path and receive a key to the city in June," he said in March. "Along with the accolades and citation I was presented with last week from Borough President Eric L. Adams, I am grateful to be recognized by my hometown for my contributions and to receive the borough's highest honor."

Again, a major salute goes out to Fab, and you can see some pictures of the key giving ceremony below.

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