The election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States has sent many people reeling as they publicly wonder what will happen to social security, Obama Care and abortion rights, specifically Planned Parenthood.

While the organization has been vilified by anti-abortionists as only providing abortions to women, in reality, Planned Parenthood has helped millions of women, providing reproductive health care to the poor, as well as information and other resources pertaining to women's health.

The concern about the future of Planned Parenthood has been so prevalent that it's been a trending topic on Twitter since the results of the election were announced. Many people have been offering financial support to the organization, including Run The Jewels rapper/producer, El-P.

"One of the things i've been lucky enough to be able to do on the heels of the success of my group is donate money where i think it can help," he wrote on Twitter today (Nov. 9). "i was taught to do that if you can and you dont publicize it or draw attention to it. but today im thinking of my mom, sisters and nieces."

He continued by saying he's putting his money where his heart is.

"...And i dont know how to fight whats coming but i just donated 5k to planned parenthood. maybe thats part of it," he wrote. "For the women who raised me and were beaten/raped/had to learn how to live in a society that is and has been f---ing them over since day 1."

He ended by urging fellow musicians to do their part by donating to charities and causes they believe in because ideology doesn't always win, but cash always rules.  Read El-P's full comments below.


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