Dot Da Genius has let his side be known in the building drama that's been going on between him and his ex Jhené Aiko since she filed for divorce last week.

After some fans accused Jhené of being unfaithful, hence her desire for the split, the singer explained herself, saying she only "cheated" herself and that she's glad to be free of all of the "confrontation, drugs and depression."

But when one person tried to accused her of cheating on Da Genius with TWENTY88 collaborator Big Sean, who she's been seen kissing on stage, whose face she sometimes dons on her breasts, and who she may've just written a love song for, she responded.

“With the internet as ur source…ur point is invalid and inaccurate and ur ignorance grows stronger," she wrote."

Another commenter suggested that Aiko should have found a way to make her marriage work.

“Marriage is sacred, [you don’t] just jump ship [because] of temporary pain,” he wrote, to which the singer replied, “He jumped the ship along time ago. He wants to be the victim and I’ll let his bitch ass assume the role.”

Then, Dot's  longtime homie, Kid Cudi got in on the subliminal tweet action.

“The funny thing is, we aint sweatin these bum bitches and these corn ball ass n—-s. We too busy makin better music,” he tweeted. He then added, “I will ether anyone for my family.”

Now, Dot has found it imperative to speak up for himself in light of what he views to be "public threats, false allegations, and attempts to slander" his name and character.

"I've never been violent or abusive towards any woman in my life. Such behavior is abhorrent to me and far from how I conduct myself," he wrote on Instagram last night (Aug. 15).  "Moving forward, I will continue to focus on my family, friends, and music, and soon enough the truth will come to light."

Jhené never actually said her ex hit her, but maybe the "confrontation" part is what he's referring to and felt needed some clearing up. At any rate, he's made his stance be known.

Check out Dot Da Genius' Instagram post below.


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