Jhene Aiko shocked fans when news broke that she was divorcing her soon-to-be ex-husband Dot Da Genius. Soon thereafter, rumors surfaced that her separation may be related to her musical relationship with Big Sean. Aiko has so far not addressed her divorce from the Dot Da Genius, but Kid Cudi decided to chime in on his Twitter account.

Defending his longtime collaborator and friend, Dot Da Genius, the Cudder tweeted a subliminal shot at possibly both Aiko and Sean Don.

"The funny thing is, we aint sweatin these bum bitches and these corn ball ass n----s. We too busy makin better music," he wrote. He then added, "I will ether anyone for my family."

While Aiko's divorce from Dot Da Genius is heartbreaking, we wish a positive resolution from all parties in this situation. And let's not get too emotional about it.

Although Aiko hasn't officially commented on her separation, she seems to be in good spirits. The 28-year-old singer retweeted a photo of herself in concert recently wearing a bra top with Big Sean's face covering her nipples.

This certainly won't quell the gossip that Big Sean is the reason behind Aiko's pending divorce. Hopefully, it doesn't get too messy.

Check out Kid Cudi's tweets below.

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