"[You] start to lose friends when they know that you're winning."

That's the basic concept of DJ Mustard's cut "Ridin' Around," featuring Nipsey Hussle and RJ, which they just released a video for.

Overall, the clip follows the title of the song exactly since all three artists ride around L.A in a Bentley and Ferrari, while the director captures both the beauty and grit of the city. Lyrically, RJ goes with a singing cadence to deliver his entire verse, while Nipsey uses stellar wordplay to get his points across.

"My cars go fast, my pockets is fat / I take your b---- and we go shopping at Sachs / I'm a popular mack, never stop for them rats / Flipped a lot of them racks, while I f--- with this rap," he spits.

"Ridin' Around" is off Mustard's album Cold Summer, released in September of 2016, which he said he never planned to release.

"I didn't think I was gonna drop anything this summer. I wasn't planning to," he told RevoltTV a few months ago. "And being that it was a cold summer in L.A., you know, a lot of s--- was going on."

"People was going to jail, people were dying, all type of s--- was going on in L.A., and then I went on tour with Rihanna, and I feel like this was a big summer for me, but in the beginning it was a lot of other s--- going on as well, so it was like, man, this is a cold summer," added Mustard.

You can watch the "Ridin' Around" video above.

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