David Banner capped off 2010 with the release of 'Death of a Pop Star,' his collaboration album with 9th Wonder. But, the Mississippi-bred producer will branch out with his music and plans on scoring several commercials, video games and movies for 2011.

"I just finished doing something for [the new] 'Street Fighter' [game]," he told XXLMag.com. "I also did the music for 'Megamind' and the score for 'Footloose." The remake of the 1984 classic that starred Kevin Bacon is written and directed by Craig Brewer, who hired Banner for an acting part in 2006's 'Black Snake Moan.' The new 'Footloose' will star Kenny Wormald in Bacon's role as Ren McCormack and feature 'Dancing With the Stars' beauty Julianne Hough as the lead female role.

Along with the 'Street Fighter' game, Banner has recently put in work for the gaming industry to release special 'Death of a Pop Star' themes for PlayStation 3 owners, offering a package of images, icon packs and custom sounds for fans. "As technology evolves, so must the role of the artist in peoples lives. 'Death of a Pop Star' was always designed to be bigger than just music," said Banner of the skins.

The gruff MC is setting off 2011 with top honors, most recently inducted into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame last week. He also dropped the football-themed anthem, 'Super Bowl (I Can't Wait)' over the weekend. Banner is a busy man.

Watch David Banner and 9th Wonder's 'Be With You'