David Banner will release his sixth solo album, 'MTA3: The Trinity Movement,' later this year, but prior to that the Mississippi rapper and producer will pay tribute to West Coast hip-hop on the new mixtape 'W.'

With a lineup of artists that already includes Snoop Dogg, Game and Kendrick Lamar, Banner hopes to create a union between artists scattered across the West Coast. "I think this is really gonna shock the world, it's gonna come out of left field, nobody's gonna be expecting it," Banner tells the BoomBox, before revealing exclusive details on the upcoming mixtape.

"Me, DJ Skee and Big Bon from the Bay are working on a free album called the 'W," Banner reveals. "I've already got Snoop, Game, Nipsey Hussle and Kendrick Lamar on it and it's going to bridge the gap between the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and all the different parts of the West Coast."

"We're bringing all the different generations of artists together for one installment and it will be produced by me and my camp," he explained. "I've been doing movies and living on the West Coast, so it's my way to give back to the West Coast and it's going to be exciting."

There has been no release date set for the mixtape as yet, but Banner currently has his hands full producing music for brands like Mercedes-Benz and Motorola, and scoring the upcoming remake of 'Footloose.'

Watch David Banner's 'Shawty Say' feat. Lil Wayne
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