It's been almost a year since David Banner and 9th Wonder announced they would team up to release their concept album 'Death of a Pop Star,' but it looks like the full-length collabo will finally see the light of day. Originally scheduled for a summer 2010 release, the album is set for release on November 9, having already spawned the singles 'Slow Down' and 'Be With You' featuring Ludacris.

"It's almost impossible for there to be another Michael Jackson ... another Usher ... another Chris Brown." Banner told The BoomBox of how he and 9th settled on the album's title. "And 9th said, damn! That's what we should call it."

The album, entirely produced by 9th, is the first in a movement that Banner says will include a sci-fi flick and sequel albums done by other artists where he will oversee the recording process. "The next 'Death of a Pop Star' album might not even be David Banner. It might be Talib Kweli and Mannie Fresh. It might be Lil Wayne and Madlib," he says. ''Death of a Pop Star' is just going to be a theme of music. It's going to be a synthesis of fans coming together and we striking out the hypocrisy and the classicism inside of hip-hop."

Until the album drops, Banner and 9th are focusing on their respective solo careers, with Banner promising that he intends to revert back to his more traditional Southern material like on his hit singles 'Get Like Me' and 'Play.' "I'm never going to stop making that kind of music because that's a part of me,' he states. 'That's the thing I want my fans to understand."