A group of hip-hop legends have teamed up to host Hip Hop Public Health's 3rd Annual Summit on June 9, to teach school children about healthy eating.

The Summit will feature appearances by old school rap legends Kool Moe Dee, DMC from Run-DMC, Public Enemy's Chuck D, Doug E. Fresh, Easy A.D. and the Cold Crush Brothers, along with a lecture by Hip Hop Public Health founder Dr. Olajide Williams, also known as the "Hip Hop MD."

Williams will discuss healthy living, exercise and the difference between healthy foods or "go foods," like fruits and veggies, and unhealthy "whoa foods" like donuts and potato chips.

The rappers will also release the album, 'Hip Hop Health the Album: Volume 1,' which features Doug E. Fresh, Easy A.D., the Cold Crush Brothers and many more, with songs like 'Exercise and Be Calorie Wise,' 'Keep Your Brain Healthy' and the anti-smoking anthem 'Hip Hop Smoke.'

"Our young people may not need to worry about having a heart attack or stroke, but they need to know that their lifestyle choices now may influence their health later on," said Dr. Olajide Williams told AllHipHop.com. "Our research has shown the messages we impart through music linger long after the rhymes end."

Hip Hop Health's 3rd Annual Summit takes place at the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, N.Y., on June 9 at 5PM.

For more information about Hip Hop Public Health, click here.

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