TMZ reports that Chris Brown's gun case probably won't be moving forward because the D.A. is unimpressed with the evidence assembled by the cops.

Brown was accused by a dethroned beauty queen, Baylee Curan, of holding her at gunpoint because she was looking at his jewelry back in late August. She called the police and they swarmed the singer's house because he wouldn't let them in, demanding that they produce a proper warrant first, which took hours to get. It was later revealed that the woman was wanted for questioning in a criminal theft case in New York and had lost her crown for fraudulent behavior.

Brown was nevertheless arrested and booked. However, TMZ reports he was supposed to be arraigned two weeks ago but authorities got a two-week extension so they could "gather more evidence." That apparently hasn't happened because the only thing law enforcement could come up with was based on a faulty alleged victim who appeared to be about becoming famous, making media rounds after the alleged incident. Authorities are also having a hard time pinning a gun to Brown. His lawyer previously said that authorities were unable to even find a gun in the house when they searched it.

Basically, the case is all but over because the police have a weak case.


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