Chris Brown is in trouble with the law once again. Apparently, the R&B singer is accused of threatening a woman with a gun inside his home in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, Breezy had a few friends over at his crib, including Ray J who was getting a tattoo when some "uninvited guests" walked inside his house and were asked to leave.

The guests included a man who was invited and two women who were not on the guest list. One woman, who was asked to leave the party, claims that Brown pulled a gun on her. The unidentified woman called 911 and police arrived quickly to the scene.

When police arrived, they encountered Ray J who was leaving the house in his BMW. Cops stopped him, checked out his ID and seized his vehicle as evidence. The recently married singer called an Uber and left the scene. TMZ does report that details about what occurred are murky, as someone inside the house insists Brown was actually asleep the whole time.

Meanwhile, Brown is still inside his home and is not letting the police inside his residence. According to Los Angeles Times, police are now waiting for a search warrant to enter the home.

The story is still developing. Hopefully, this incident can get resolved immediately.

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