Chris Brown is back on his rhyming game, this time with the help of famed producer 9th Wonder.

Earlier this year, the 'F.A.M.E.' creator showcased his rapping abilities in the video 'Real Hip-Hop S---,' where he threw his signature crooning to the wayside in order to introduce fans to another art form he's excelling in. Now he's at it again with 'Real Hip-Hop S--- #3,' produced by 9th Wonder.

On the track, Breezy does his best to ditch the usual love and tenderness he sings of. "Hold up let me slow up, impregnate your beat/ I make that b---- blow up/ I eat all I can eat until a n---- throw up/ I tell the DJ, 'Ay, pull up pull up'/ Man I'm so sick of these lame mothef------/ A n---- still s------ on the game motherf------/ Old n----- as the world change motherf------/," he raps.

A subject for tabloid fodder, the 21-year-old takes aim at the media as well with "TMZ I'm wiping my a-- so stop recording," and gets a bit pompous as the track comes to an end, "Supposedly a singer can't do hip-hop, but I just killed this s--- so let the s--- rock."

Listen to Chris Brown's 'Real Hip-Hop S--- #3'