Wherever Carl Thomas shot his new video for 'Don't Kiss Me,' we want to hang out there. The track opens with a guest verse from Snoop Dogg, who holds court at a table covered with chilled bubbly bottles and flanked by sophisticated hotties.

"You know we've been known to get it on," the dapper MC raps, warming things up for Thomas, who promptly gets onstage and drops some silky-smooth lover-man R&B.

"Just a little love goes so long" the Chi-town singer croons, rocking specs and a suit straight out of the '60s. "It'll have you smiling just because, even when everything's wrong."

Everyone in the joint looks sharp and knows how to dance, and after a couple minutes of grooving along in the background and watching Thomas do his thang, Snoop gets back on the mic and breaks us off with a few more bars.

"Wish I never met this girl, but then again her kiss is wild," Snoop raps. "She got me breaking down and coming all up out my style."

In fact, the Long Beach legend never loses his cool. Nor does Thomas, who ends up disappearing into a back room with his lady of choice and pulling aside a velvet curtain for a bit of privacy.

Seriously, where is this place?

Watch Carl Thomas' Video for 'Don't Kiss Me,' ft. Snoop Dogg

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