Former No Limit rapper C-Murder is releasing a new album in the most adverse of circumstances. Last month, the 38-year-old brother of Master P was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison by a 10-2 jury vote in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. However, the New Orleans rapper, born Corey Miller, isn't going to let the verdict stop him from releasing his ninth album, 'Calliope Click,' on RBC Records.

"RBC believes in Corey and for the local Parish judicial system to attempt to sideline the rebuilding of his life by convicting him unfairly solely based on his race is an outrage," stated RBC publicist Brett Morrow. C-Murder will be appealing the murder conviction, and a public protest is planned in the Louisiana town where the rapper was tried on account of racism within the court system. "It's amazing that this sort of thing is still happening in 2009. Corey had been hard at work attempting to rebuild his life and career," Morrow concluded.

'Calliope Click' is scheduled for a Sept. 29 release date, and features Snoop Dogg, Juvenile, B.G. and more.