After spending seven years in an Ohio prison for a 2007 bank robbery, Chicago's Bump J wants to 'F--- Up the Summa,' which is the title of his new song. The cut also features Yo Gotti and Pusha T, and all three go in over a track that sounds like a movie score.

"I'ma f--- up the summer / Then run up them numbers / You told them folks everything you know and we don't know nothing / No, we stacking them hundreds on hundreds / My n----s get to that money," spits Bump.

Then it's Gotti's turn, and he rolls out a warm welcome for the Chicago rapper.

"Bump J welcome back, like you never left / Now I'm gon' play right with my n---- forever, be host to the left / See, O.G. to the death / Got that 30 like Steph / Got them ho-s like Hef / The hate bad for your health," he rhymes.

Afterwards, King Push closes things out and some will definitely be thrilled to hear a new verse from him, since he hasn't given that many features recently.

"Here to f--- up the summertime / Let them know that the summer's mine / Let them know that the dog food got 'em lined up it can hold a nine / When I say it can hold a nine, then you know that mean overtime / So you know that my young n----- got them big things shoot a hundred times," he spits.

Earlier this year, Bump chopped it up with XXL about being away from the rap game for so long but the way he sees it, the time away only allowed him to improve as a person and as a musician — so he's not worried about keeping up.

"I think it won't be much different than when I was out," he said. "I've gotten better musically, because I'm just a better man mentally. So I think hip-hop will love me just the same, if not more. People respect struggle and stand up n----. I took my lick and never told so I will always be respected as a man and that's what's important. Music has always been the easy part for me."

You can listen to Bump J's new song below.

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