Big Sean is the talk of the newsroom and not because of a new album he's created. The G.O.O.D. Music creator's private parts are being thrown in the spotlight after he was approached by TMZ at an airport and was asked a very nonsensical question: "Have you broken anything recently?" The rapper made a comedic response of "Your girlfriend's back" -- obviously referring to some sexual activity -- which then prompted a visual display of a leaked photo showcasing his penis.

"Big Sean is known for having the biggest penis ever," a TMZ reporter shared during a video interview, where playback of the "Dance (A$$)" rhymer's airport encounter was shown. "He had some pictures recently exposed on the internet."

In the hilarious clip, his nether regions are compared to photos of an elephant's trunk, the Washington Monument and green Teletubby Dipsy, due to the point on its head.

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