Get excited Big Sean fans! The "Blessings" rapper is set to drop an album this year and so far he's calling it his "best work so far."

“It’s a lot of new music that’s done, but we’re just getting it right,” said Sean in an interview with Real 92.3 at Sunday’s “Real Birthday Bash.” “It’s my best work so far. I feel like on my last album, that’s the most comfortable I’ve been. This one is taking that to another level. The concept is crazy. The song’s are crazy, and I’ve got a surprise, too. I’ve got a real surprise coming up soon.”

It's been a year since Big Sean dropped his acclaimed album, Dark Sky Paradise, and he's not letting up anytime soon.

"More inspired n motivated than ever. We already have one project recorded n done...and working on another one too. Anyway You'll see soon," read one of his latest tweets.

But while he's working on his next album, Sean also found the time to give back. He started the #HealFlintsKids campaign and so far it's raised $100,000.

“What’s going on in Flint is tragic,” he said. “It’s not a natural disaster though. It needs to be some blame placed on the people who deserve it. But we’re stepping in and doing what we can."

“It’s not just for water,” he added later on. “We’re not just donating water bottles. We’re helping kids get the proper care they need, see the proper doctors. My mom actually has experienced lead poisoning, to a degree. So, we knew how deep it is. The things my mom went through was real painful, real devastating, so we just want to make sure that they get the proper care, proper doctors, and attention, and the proper water.”

Check out the full interview above and see some of Big Sean's tweets below.