Summer may be coming to end, but that's not stopping Atmosphere from having some fun in the sun. Slug and Ant unveiled this new music video for 'Southsiders' which sees the two enjoying the warm weather on the front lawn and posing on their respective rides as the neighborhood kids have an elaborate water gun fight. The lighthearted video wraps up with the kids surrounding Slug, blasting him with water as we see him rocking a "Coolest Dad Ever" t-shirt.

The visuals don't tie in much with actual song besides Atmosphere proudly repping their South Minneapolis origins. Regardless, the track is a definite standout from their 'Southsiders' album as Slug rhymes perfectly blend with Ant's uproarious instrumental.

Slug raps, "Whole Southside been up in your guts / Don't know how to describe how much you suck / And it's not just you, but everyone of you plus / Follow each other around like a bunch of ducks / Just turn the music up and get dumb / Stretch your skin around the biggest drum / Born from a neighborhood of click and run / And already gave away my last stick of gum / Just find a torch and light the ceiling / Life's too short to fight the feeling / I get a little paranoid for no reason / When the jukebox plays 'Don't Stop Believing' / My level dries like a rebel / But it's alright, it's a rental / Your consent is so incidental / We want what we want, we ain't trying to settle / We last forever through the echo / Some say special, some say essential / Went to hell to threaten the devil / And separate the horns like bass and treble."

'Southsiders', the duo's eighth studio album, is available now on Rhymesayers Ent. Atmosphere also added some more dates to their North of Hell Tour, so check out the lineup of additional shows at the Rhymesayers events page and see if they'll be in a city near you.

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