Atmosphere recently announced their eighth studio album, 'Southsiders,' and unleashed the lead single 'Bitter.' A long winter, especially for the Minneapolis, Minn., natives, inspired the duo to gather up some of their friends to play around in the snow for the song's accompanying music video.

As you may have guessed from the song title, Slug raps about the resentful and spiteful people he's dealt with over a hypnotic beat by Ant. Slug rhymes, "Everything used to be so good then / Now it seems like you're mad at my footprints / I'm only trying to scribble in the book man / It's not my fault that y'all couldn't / You must have a lot of free time / Otherwise why are you trying to see mine / Strain your neck, let the blame project / But don't give yourself the same respect."

Atmosphere's 'Southsiders' is due out on May 6 on Rhymesayers Entertainment, but you can pre-order the album now on iTunes or through the Fifth Element store to access the 'Bitter' single instantly.

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