We spoke quite highly of Atmosphere's new album 'Southsiders' [read our review] and the duo continues their hot streak with a new music video for the album's lead track 'Camera Thief.'

The video opens up with Slug in an empty plane before he begins his journey down an abandoned airstrip. The end sees Slug join up with his cohort Ant at a dead end sign as they walk into the desolate land. The black-and-white visuals fit the song like a glove as Ant's somber instrumental sets the stage for Slug's story to unfold.

Slug raps, "Camera thief, take pictures / run like the parallel stitches / attach my feet to the path I beat / teach myself to keep the answers brief / gnash my teeth like the last to feast / imagine me on that abandoned beach / sand and sea as if the jazz was free / I’m ice cream mixed with gasoline / direct attention to the craftsmanship / neglect to mention that the past will stick / like initials carved in the concrete / like the tattoo that hides on your mommy / I still kick it with angels / the difference is that instead of the bar, I’m at my kitchen table / the starlight shines through the glass / but you feel safe underneath that mask."

Atmosphere's eighth studio album 'Southsiders' is available now via Rhymesayers Entertainment.

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