Atmosphere just released their powerful new video for the cut "Seismic Waves," off their critically acclaimed Fishing Blues album, which dropped in August.

In the Kron-directed clip, group member Slug finds himself smack-dab in the middle of an all-female prison revolt, doing his part to stage an attack against the guards. At first, it's not clear what's actually happening, because the camera slowly follows the rapper and allows you to to see everything as he sees it, slowly building suspense.

Eventually, one correctional officer gets attacked, but the tables turn and one prisoner is captured. Clearly, there's an overall feeling of struggle in the video, which matches Slug's rhymes that center on many of today's social, economical and political problems — hence the name "Seismic Waves."

"Things ain't been the same since Trayvon / S--- ain't been the same since Reagan / Wait, ain't a single thing change from the days when the gods went crazy and broke the languages / We tryna make payments, ain't got the privileged to exhibit the patience," he raps.

Meanwhile, the veteran duo just announced the dates for their new Freshwater Fly Fishermen Tour with Brother Ali, deM atlaS, Plain Ole Bill and Last Word.

The first show kicks off on Wednesday Nov. 2, in Grand Rapids, Mich. and the last will be on Feb. 9, 2017 in Columbia, Mo.

You can check out the new "Seismic Waves" video above.

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