Atmosphere is taking it back to the old school -- the very old school. Slug and Ant transport viewers back to the '70s with this music video for the duo's standout track 'My Lady Got Two Men,' off their latest album 'Southsiders.'

The visuals have little to do with the actual song as the two simply deliver a funny picture for the audience. The video uses a grainy filter to complete the retro vibe and features a few mannequins serving as Slug's backup band. Slug is decked out in a polyester disco shirt, rose-colored glasses and a bad wig as he does his best Elton John or Stevie Wonder impression behind the piano. The comical imagery may actually distract from the creativity of the actual song.

"Let me start by telling you I love you / Thank you for making me a part of the puzzle / I imagine it was quite the struggle / But you still found time and taught yourself to juggle / Girl, would you give me a kiss for a fist full of flowers / This could be ours / Girl, could you get rid of that other dude? / Cut him loose and kick him to the multitude / I can't picture why you would split your time / Between I and an additional guy / Seems like more wear then it's worth when / You're the one that's gotta bear this burden / I give you love and respect / But that other stud got nothing to give but stress / Life as a wifey shouldn't be so hard / But everybody gotta be who they think they are, listen," Slug raps.

As the song comes to end, the music abruptly cuts off and the camera pans over to find Ant applauding in approval. It's a lighthearted video that shows just how much fun Atmosphere's having, pun intended.

'Southsiders' is available now on Rhymesayers Entertianment. And don't forget to read The Boombox's exclusive interview with Slug. We spoke to the rapper earlier this year to discusses the album and creative process behind 'My Lady Got Two Men.'

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