Just like his TDE partner Schoolboy Q did recently, Ab-Soul talked about the possibility of making an album with Black Hippy, the group that consists of himself, Q, Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar.

The way Ab sees it, the time isn't right to do a group album at the moment, because there's still a lot more that he wants to achieve personally.

"Black Hippy is just a name," he said during an interview with Montreality. "We all have our own personal goals that we have to reach. There's still a lot of ground that I wanna cover personally. I still got a lot of ground to cover before I can think about putting together a group album. I could probably speak for them when I say that as well."

Elsewhere in the interview, Soulo talked about the connection that he has with Kendrick.

"You gotta know me and Kendrick are like Ken and Ryu, and I'm Ken," Ab explained. "I'm the prototype in a lot of ways. Kendrick Lamar is the good kid. With his album [DAMN.], he was trying to get back to K. Dot, get back to his roots, sag his pants, roll through the hood."

And as far as making sequels to his albums, like to his 2012 release Control System, the Cali wordsmith said it's not impossible, just unlikely.

"Control System Part 2?" he asks. "Control System is like Scarface. I'm scared to listen to that. That was a cornerstone of my life. A lot happened with me in my personal life when that dropped. To go back there would be kind of ill, but I'll never say never."

You can check out Soulo's interview above.

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