Schoolboy Q recently sat down with Montreality to discuss a host of topics, including a possible Black Hippy album.

Unfortunately, the TDE artist said although he isn't against linking with Jay Rock, Ab Soul and Kendrick Lamar for a full-length project, he doesn't see it happening anytime soon.

"I'm already working on the next joint already," said Q. "I don't see the time ... People don't understand when you're working on the album, you get into a groove. It's hard to stop that groove, that zone you in, that vision you got, to jump on to a whole new thing. Restart from a blank sheet basically."

The West Coast native also admitted that TDE's founder Top Dawg badly wants a Black Hippy album, but that doesn't increase the chances of it happening.

"I can't say that we'll be in the studio getting a Black Hippy album ready no matter how much Top wants it to happen, no matter how much Dave [Free] and the fans want it to happen," he stated. "The chances of us getting into the studio together and working on Black Hippy is slim. I'm with it, though. I wanna do it."

The rapper also said that being a father gets in the way of making a Black Hippy LP because when he's not on the road, he just wants to chill and be with his daughter. Luckily for Q, that precious time won't be affected by a lengthy prison sentence, because charges of armed robbery were dropped against him in May. This was after someone said that he and and his friend were robbed at gunpoint, and they believed the rapper was in on it.

On another note, the talented lyricist said he may deliver his next album sometime in 2017, but he didn't give a specific date.

You can see Schoolboy Q's interview with Montreality above, where he also talks about losing his virginity, his love for 50 Cent and taking psychedelic drugs.

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