50 Cent's Hollywood takeover grows more imminent as the rapper/aspiring film mogul's Connecticut mansion has been listed for sale by one of the biggest real estate brokerages in the country.

50's 50,000 square foot Farmington, Conn. estate boasts 52 rooms, and rests on 17 acres of property, according to William Raveis Real Estate's Exceptional Properties Division.

"Mr. Jackson's home is truly an escape from the ordinary. The property provides an indulgence for the senses with a combination of 52 visually stunning rooms on 17 private acres,"claims a rep for 50's realtor. "For the impatient jetsetter's longer trips, skip lines at the airport by boarding air transportation from a personal helicopter pad!"

Perhaps the two intruders who broke into 50's manse back in December really did just want to "hang out" with the G-Unit boss, as one of the men claimed -- "In addition, the property provides ample space for entertaining and v.i.p. nightlife, with a home theater, billiards room and fully equipped nightclub featuring a lighted dance floor, bar and DJ area. Tucked away in a corner (albeit one of the largest corners you'll probably ever see) is a dimly lit, lavish room for after-hours entertainment, the likes of which would make any owner of an exotic club jealous."

The property, which also houses a large gym, fitness center, indoor pool, basketball and racquet ball courts, was previously owned by Mike Tyson, who sold it to 50 back in 2003.

Click here for a visual tour.

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