Hip-hop and sports have always paid homage to one another, but now, they're set to join forces on a full-length album. Rapper 50 Cent and boxer Floyd Mayweather, whose relationship has surprisingly deep roots, are prepping the release of their joint compilation album, which they hope will be finished in time for a rumored Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao match in the ring.

"We'll probably launch it in the heat of the next bout', Fifty told MTV. 'It'll probably be the biggest fight in the history of the sport. It'll bring in a truck load of money."

While the pair wouldn't divulge the name of the project for the reason that they're securing the rights to the name, the album will feature various artists contributing verses. And while the collaboration between Fif and Floyd might seem out of the blue, the two have been fast friends for some time, with Floyd coming to the defense of Fifty in his beef with rapper Rick Ross -- a spar that came to a head when the boxer and Ross ran into one another in a Las Vegas lobby back in January 2010. The beef was allegedly mediated by Diddy, who killed the bad blood between the Miami rapper and the athlete.

Though the beef is apparently squashed, Floyd still has some choice words for the state of hip-hop. 'You got rappers in today's time, they get a small advance from their record label, they get a bunch of tattoos, get a bunch of piercings on their face, go to jail for 10 or 20 days, [then] all of a sudden they killers," says Floyd of emcees. "Next time, they rock stars. I think rap is crazy, but it's still very creative."

50 Cent is currently recording his fifth album 'Black Magic,' inspired by the music that he heard overseas while touring. His last album, 'Before I Self Destruct,' debuted at Number Five in November 2009 and has been certified gold for passing the 500,000 sales mark.