In 2004, Houston legend and co-founder of Swishahouse, OG Ron C spotted RiFF RaFF, born Horst Simco, running around H-Town trying to make his music stick with fellow Texans -- braids, beads, bright colors and all. Eight years would pass before the Neon Python (his wrestling name) caught Diplo's attention, which earned him a record deal with his Mad Decent imprint.

After his reality show stint on MTV's From G's to Gents, dodging accusations of being a rap game mockery and the release of his debut album, Neon Icon, RiFF RaFF has held on, not because he needs anyone's approval -- clearly -- but because he's doing what he's always wanted to do. With the upcoming release of two new LPs on June 1, Peach Panther and Purple Panther, the rapper will surely deliver his usual Versace-laced rhymes and perplexing lyrics.

Not one for giving straight answers in interviews, The Boombox did some rooting around to give fans some hilarious and surprising information about Jody Highroller. Check out 25 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About RiFF RaFF.

  • 1

    Macho Man Randy Savage was his favorite wrestler as a kid, which he revealed to

  • 2

    "Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz," an ode to keeping your kicks clean, is his favorite song to perform. "When you got Jordans, you don't wanna crease 'em in the front, right?" he told This Is 50. "You wanna keep 'em clean. So you 'tip-toe' in 'em, like people think I actually mean tip-toeing like a ballerina, you walk slowly."

  • 3

    If Jody Highroller wasn't rapping for a living he says he'd be surfing.

  • 4

    The best advice ever given to the 'Neon Icon' creator is "Do what you want."

  • 5

    Diplo told VLAD TV that signing RiFF RaFF was a no-brainer -- he even compared him to Apple stock. "RiFF RaFF is like Apple computers in 1971, a little wooden box with an apple on top of it. When I saw him, I was like 'Damn, this is gonna be something different,' and his stock just kept rising. Like, 'Let me get in early, I'll buy all that stock!''

  • 6

    The Versace Python says that the night before the 2013 Grammys, he hung out with Drake and it was his very first time meeting him. "We're real good friends," he shared with Sway in the Morning. "It's not about how long you know somebody. You could know somebody 10, 15 years and you don't connect or something happens, but if y'all see eye to eye, it doesn't matter how long y'all knew each other."

  • 7

    In 2012, RiFF told VLAD TV that he was supposed to have a talk show on MTV before his appearance on 'From Gs to Gents' but the network reneged on the offer after he agreed to be on the reality show starring Farnsworth Bentley. As far as that particular show, the rapper says, "I'll never be on that bulls--- again."

  • 8

    Easy, breezy is how he enjoys his studio time. "I've worked with a lot of artists," explains Jody Highroller. "To be truthful, working with [Chief Keef], he was one of the easiest people to work with. I like working with people that call me in after they already have the foundation laid. We got everything done in less than two hours. Recording and the video."

  • 9

    RiFF RaFF is always all or nothing. "I'm either 100 percent or 0 percent. There might be a time when I just wanna be like 'F--- it. I don't wanna do nothing.' Just take Jody Husky [his dog] and go to the mountains. Go camping and eat pork and beans out of a can."

  • 10

    The rhymer shut down rumors of going into wrestling recently with All Hip Hop stating: "I don't touch men."

  • 11

    "Stand By Me" is the most romantic song ever written, according to RiFF RaFF.

  • 12

    He loves the kids, especially Diplo's little ones. "I babysit his kid and all that," he revealed.

  • 13

    RiFF RaFF doesn't skimp on the icy jewels and suggests that any woman shopping for her man shouldo follow the same lead. "Get your man a nice wardrobe piece," he says. "So if you get him some jewelry, you may wanna get him some leprechaun diamonds. Just to keep things moving, 'cause you don't want him out there without them real boy diamonds. See, when they see them diamonds shinin', bank account climbin'."

  • 14

    When asked about his favorite white rappers, Jody Highroller named Machine Gun Kelly, Mac Miller and of course, "Action Bronson but he's Albanian, he ain't even white." That response caused the interviewer to let out a chortle.

  • 15

    The 'Pink Panther' creator says that he and Ke$ha are friends although he does see where she was influenced by him in 2012's "Crazy Kids." "She can switch it up. She's very versatile," he said warmly, then quickly shot, "She's not James Franco or anything like that."

  • 16

    The last thing he wants is for people to identity his music specifically with his hometown. "I don't want people to look at me and get the wrong impression of Houston. Look at Paul Wall, Bun B, Pimp C... I'm a world-reknowned universal alien. I can't even represent for Mars."

  • 17

    Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra, Shania Twain and Beethoven are some of the names that the Neon Icon gives when asked about his favorite artists. "If it ain't calssic then what you tryna accomplish?"

  • 18

    When RiFF RaFF has a day to chill at home, he's pretty low-key. His way of staying off the radar is part of a daily routine anyway, but we digress. "I just buy colognes or like, take showers and stuff. I try to get some sleep and eat three square meals a day, because if you don't get your proper breakfast you might be playing basketball and catch cramps 'cause you're not in shape enough."

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    RiFF RaFF is good peoples when it comes to Mike Jones. He cosigned the rapper via The Source, describing a meeting they had years ago at Houston producer Mike Dean's home. "He's cool. He working. I'm working. We just clicked," Jones said.

  • 20

    It's apparent that even with all the goofy tactics, the RiFF RaFF is a believer in the Law of Attraction. "If, in my mind, like, it's in my mindframe to look like this and be this? Then eventually, you'll be this, and get this, if it's already set in your mind," he told Noisey.

  • 21

    Prior to its release, his 'Neon Icon' album sounded like "Sonic the Hedgehog and a sonic boom" fused together, which he told R&R Productions. Whatever that means.

  • 22

    The best advice the rapper says he has to offer others? "Don't eat four lobster rolls then try and drink a bottle of Peach Circoc, 'cause it's not happening."

  • 23

    Jody Highroller's character traits are magnified after smoke sessions, according to Action Bronson. "When RiFF RaFF gets stoned, he gets crazy. Once he hit the weed, he was like... An extra weirdo. He left his people with us and left with three girls. He's the f---ing man."

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    "RiFF RaFF is a lyrical dynamo and people gotta give it to him," Curren$y excitedly told Hot New Hip Hop about his collaboration "Froze" with RiFF RaFF. "Google Ralph Sampson. RiFF RaFF said: 'Ballin' like Ralph Sampson...' [on one line]. He coulda said Mike Jordan, Scottie Pippen, he said Ralph Sampson! I was like, 'Man, this guy is one of the hardest people out.'"

  • 25

    Hulk Hogan's son Nick are RiFF RaFF are good friends. "He's been training in the gym. He's the first guy I've known to train religiously while on the road. Huge wrestling fan, got a tremendous gimmick with his whole RiFF RaFF Neon stuff," Hogan told Hot 97.

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