Apparently, a new trend has hit the concert scene in which a dumb fan jumps onstage and attacks a rapper while they are performing. The latest incident involves rapper-turned-wrestler RiFF RAFF who was performing when a concertgoer went onstage to give him a pat on the back. It didn’t end well.

In a video that has gone viral, the comedic rhymer was performing a song and had his back turned from the crowd. Suddenly, an overzealous fan runs onstage and gives RAFF a pat on the back. That’s when the rapper's very muscular security clobbers the concertgoer before he can make his escape. The bodyguard then tosses the human carcass back into the crowd as if it was nothing.

There’s no word if the guy is alive or was able to walk out of the show on his own two feet. It’s one of the most devastating things we have seen happen to a fan in a while.

Fellow rapper Action Bronson likes to toss his stage violators into the crowd, and it’s now becoming a schtick at his shows. Most recently, Lil Wayne's bodyguard knocked out a concertgoer who thought it was cool to throw a beer bottle at him while he was performing. On the flip side, Run the Jewels rapper Killer Mike was injured when a fan attacked him onstage at SXSW earlier this month.

In the end, we cannot stress enough the dangers of jumping onstage while a rapper is performing. Hopefully, this trend will die out very quickly without a fan getting seriously injured or even worse.

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