There's no doubt that half of Riff Raff's appeal has to do with his unique appearance, as the braids, his grill and an over-the-top personality have all worked to his benefit.

That alone is probably why director Mickey Finnegan wanted to create a video for 'Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz' that would match the rapper's flamboyant style, and he definitely pulled it off.

Things start off when three ice princesses pull down a bunch of virtual screens, and see people dancing in their Jordans, which seems to confuse them. From there, Riff Raff magically appears on a throne and spits his lyrics in some sort of strange ice world.

Looking as icy as possible, donning a white fur, grey Jordans and more diamonds than you can look at without going blind, the Houston native passes around greetings and then compares himself to a legend. "What's up to my patna, what's up to my hater / I don' f---ed around and sang a hook like Anita Baker," he raps.

Finnegan does a great job of sticking to the ice world concept by dropping in images that seem random, but fit the overall look of the video perfectly. Without a doubt, the clip is hard to take your eyes off of, not only because of Jody Highroller himself, but because it's not everyday you see such a conceptual rap video.

'Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz' is off Riff Raff's 'Neon Icon' album, which debuted at No. 22 on the Billboard 200 charts.

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