As reported by AOL Music, forget sibling rivalries -- Rihanna gets along so well with her younger brother Rorrey Fenty that she reportedly bought him a house! The Bajan singer, born Robyn Rihanna Fenty, has already given her little bro an unspecified amount of cash to launch his rap career, and now she's gifted him a luxury home in their native Barbados, too.

According to the Daily Star, the 24-year-old 'Talk That Talk' creator purchased a beach-side property in her home country for Rorrey, 22. ''Rihanna's close to her brother, and she'll do anything to help him out," a source reported. ''She loves Rorrey to bits. She wanted to set him up with his own home with a sum of money in the bank. She just did it as a surprise when he was least expecting it," the insider added. What a generous big sis!

With the help of a promotional tweet from his superstar sister, Rorrey released his very first single, 'Feel Me,' last year under the stage name "GQ." "They hang out a lot and are the best of friends. She wants to make sure he can develop his talent without any money worries," the source revealed of Rihanna's role in her brother's budding music career.

Apparently Ri's generosity is well known in her hometown, where she has donated money to her local church and former school. But her generosity doesn't mean she's throwing money out the window. According to the insider, "Rihanna's not someone who squirrels her money away. She knows how to enjoy her life and loves sharing her money.''

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Rihanna's New Armani Advert

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