Power is officially back. And with the Season 3 premiere's record-breaking numbers, it looks like fans are rejoicing at the return of Ghost St. Patrick and his colorful collection of associates, friends, enemies and lovers.

Season 2 ended with Shawn (Sinqua Walls) dead and Ghost's nemesis Kanan (50 Cent) in hiding after Ghost attempted to burn him to death, Season 3 started off a little shaky around New York's drug empire. The season premiere showed us that the U.S. District Attorney's office is still investigating Ghost, who is now trying to live life on a more straight and narrow path with his girlfriend, assistant district attorney Angie Valdez (Lela Loren.) Ghost's estranged wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton) is alone with the kids, coping with both the fractured state of her marriage and the death of her former lover, Shawn. Meanwhile, Tommy's frantic following Holly's latest disappearance; he came home to find their dog's throat slit in the middle of his kitchen.

With so many storylines and characters to follow, we're breaking down Power's top 10 characters to pay attention to going forward this season.

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    Dre is to Kanan as Tommy was to Ghost. A good, loyal soldier who's always ready to go to war. But Dre got tired of fighting a losing battle, and decided switch teams. Now, he's James' No. 1 at the club that has yet to be named.

    As Dre works to become a legit businessman under the man who used to run New York City's streets, his demons often surface as he feigns for the drug fast life he once lived.

    We don't know where his story goes, but it's sure to end up somewhere.

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    Greg Knox


    Greg Knox is the guy who lost the girl to the drug dealer, and doesn't know how to simply move on. It's clear he needs to sit down and watch Elsa and Ana sing "Let It Go." Instead, he fixates on Angela's every move, and dedicates his work days to exposing his former partner (and lover) for the treasonous individual he believes her to be. Obsessive. Compulsive. Stalker. Those are all words to describe Greg's current state of mind. Unfortunately, Angela is too caught up in her "whirlwind" romance to see her co-worker is about to bring her to her knees followed by a life sentence in prison.

    Although Greg's character doesn't necessarily add much to the Power plot, it will certainly help to change the way the story ends (if his obsessive behavior continues to get out of control.)

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    Holly is too nosey for her own good; and she's a home wrecker. Period. She made it her life's mission to rip Tommy and Ghost apart, and we hate to admit that she succeeded. Holly represents that annoying kid that used to follow you around school because she would do anything to make you pay attention to her ridiculous antics, which includes aiding you with yours.

    Time after time, Holly tries to insert herself in Tommy's business. But while Tommy never allowss her to be physically present at his day job, he often opens up to her about the plays and the players, giving her too much access to too much information. Thus, Holly's a liability. Unlike Tasha's transformation, Holly was, is and always will be the girl you simply hate because she won't stop talking. To anyone. Ever.

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    Julio is a good kid with a good heart. Sure, he may sell drugs for a living, but his current line of work and former boss relieved him of his 718 gang duties. And for that, we're thankful.

    Since day one, Julio has always been Ghost's No. 2. And now that Ghost isn't around, Julio's turning into Tommy's No. 1. But according to him, that's not the job he signed up for.

    Working under a loose canon may get him and his team killed. To prevent that from happening, Julio visits Jamie at his new legitimate place of business, and asks him to come back to the streets because Tommy's lost his mind. Ghost acts like he doesn't care, but he was actually listening when his protégé came by to ask for help. Julio doesn't know it yet, but he's going to be the glue that keeps the business together.

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    Josh Kantos


    Josh Kantos shouldn't be someone anyone should trust in life, ever. But, as a reformed off-the-books waitress gigolo, Jamie St. Patricks' now former general manager is a master at taking care of business.

    Although Kantos has no true loyal bone in his body - hence, he dropped James to work for Sturgis last season - he has always had James' back when it's come to legal (and illegal) situations regarding the club now formerly known as Truth. Unfortunately for him, loyalty is everything in business (and in the streets), and because that's obviously not his strongest quality James cut him loose. But what James doesn't realize is Cantos, like Tasha, knows more about his business on and off the books than he thinks.

    So Kantos might be unemployed now, but that won't last long.

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    Felipe Lobos

    @enriquemurciano via Instagram
    @enriquemurciano via Instagram

    Lobos' is Power's major player behind the scenes. Sure, you see his face every now and then, but it's his strong presence as the voice on the other end of the phone that establishes his worth. Ghost may live a lavish life, but his wealth is at the mercy of a man he's now attempted to murder. Not only does Felipe Lobos have the money, but he's also pulling the strings.

    Currently in prison, premium television's beloved drug lord is setting up one of the biggest plays of his career, and he's doing it with the help of the United States government, which means Angela's aiding his master plan whether she knows it or not.

    So while his story may not make or break the show, his presence certainly affects the characters that do.

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    Angela Valdes


    Angela, Angela, Angela. Where do we begin?

    Angie is a government official leading a task force created to take down international drug lord Felipe Lobos, and his New York distributor. As everyone should know by now, Ghost is was Lobos' U.S. connect, thus, Angie is technically hunting him. But now that she and Jamie have come clean to each other about their professions, they've vowed to be open with their professional movements while they try to build their new life together.

    But there's just something about Angela.

    She is constantly walking around with the same concerned and confused look that should make you wonder what's on her agenda - because she clearly has one. We just don't know what it is yet. And James is too blind to see whatever trap may be coming (which will certainly be something orchestrated by Felipe Lobos and unknowingly executed by Angie. We saw the pretense of the situation brewing when Lobos told Angela the name of the group he "believes" tried to have him killed, hoping Angie would go spread the news, which she did.)

    Angie is a pawn being moved around on a chess board created in the streets, but her ego and intellect stop her from seeing her role in a much larger game.

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    Tommy Egan


    Tommy Egan, much like Tasha, is focused on his power and respect in the street. Just took at him. His potential and capabilities in a world filled with board rooms and CEOs is the furthest thing from his mind. And every time Ghost tries to move Tommy's head away from the streets, Tommy does everything he can to pull Ghost back in.

    Tommy is power-hungry, hard-headed and too dazed by the spotlight to make proper career decisions. He (unintentionally) gets Ghost caught up with Kanan, and now that he's taken over New York's drug trade everyone on the team is being told to watch their backs because Tommy is making silly decisions like killing people and taking his mask off so everyone knows who's responsible for people being shoved off cliffs around the Tri-State area. (Rookie mistake, Tommy). Oh, and don't forget Tommy is also now working with Felipe Lobos to take out Ghost. What a way to turn on your best friend.

    Tommy may be a loose canon, but he makes up for it by giving fans chair-clinching entertainment.

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    James "Ghost" St. Patrick


    While the show isn't actually named Ghost, there's no question that Power could not exist without him. As the series protagonist, James "Ghost" St. Patrick sits at the head of numerous storylines: an affair, an affair with a United States D.A., a growing murder sheet, a separation/divorce, a hard-headed best friend named Tommy, issues with a tyrant named Kanan. The list goes on, and for good reason.

    Jamie is a resourceful and self-taught businessman who has everything that defines "success" in the 21st century. He figured out how to work his way to the top of an international organization, but he had to step on some heads to get there. Thus, it was inevitable that he make a few enemies along the way.

    In the beginning, the illusion of a man referred to as Ghost seemed competent and in full control. But somewhere along the way his business savvy was compromised and he started second guessing his instincts as a result. Then business got sloppy. So go ahead and fast-forward to present day, and Ghost has shut down the "family business" that put him on top for a lucrative stream of nightclubs; all while sleeping with the very woman who is leading a search team to apprehend him for his "past" crimes. (And don't forget Tasha is the one who forced him to continue his relationship with Angela after he opted to end things to make sure he didn't get caught up.)

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    Tasha St. Patrick


    If you remember correctly, Tasha St. Patrick was the woman you used to love to hate. She was all about her family, and even more about the "family business." From her children to her husband, whom she once referred to as the best "G--damn drug deal in New York," Tasha was the family's personal Olivia Pope from the hood. She epitomizes(d) the mentality of a true ride-or-die chick. It sounds like everyone should just love her, right?

    To Tasha's detriment, she's a little too invested in the way her husband's business started instead of focusing on what it could become - you know, something like a legitimate nightclub run with no drug-infested (financial) ties. But the streets are where Tasha and Ghost grew up, and sometimes it's just hard for people to let that go.

    But then you start to feel bad for her when Ghost engages in an affair-turned-official-relationship. You're sitting there thinking, how do you drop the woman that's been by you side and helped you bury the bodies? But fortunately for Tasha, she really does know where all the bodies are buried. So while Ghost is running around town with his new legal ally (and girlfriend), it's clear Tasha's still calling the shots, so he's not going that far.

    No matter where Power's storyline goes, Mrs. St. Patrick will always be on the ride side of the line. She may have come across like a clueless, fraile wife, but Lil Wayne taught us best! Real g's move in silence.

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