Power is back for Season 3!

Fans--and cast members--were buzzing on Twitter, Instagram and every other social media platform you can think to celebrate the return of popular STARZ drama. Executive producer 50 Cent let everyone know to call, text, email, tweet or even send a smoke signal during the premiere; while the rest of the of the cast posted photos reminding their millions of combined followers to tune in!

The season premiere echoed the series premiere of two years ago; except instead of Ghost St. Patrick and his wife Tasha walking into his new club Truth, this time it was James St. Patrick and Angela walking into the club formerly known as Truth. According to Angie's beloved "Jamie," the dealer that was Ghost is dead. After he "helped" New York's finest clean up the streets by ridding them of every other major drug dealer in the city, Ghost decided to give up the drug trade and live a clean life for Angela. But he didn't quite finish the job of dropping his enemies; as kingpin Lobos survived the attempted hit that Ghost ordered in the season 2 finale. Unbeknownst to Ghost--who thought he'd succeeded in his plot when he received word that Lobos had been repeatedly stabbed in the stomach in jail--Lobos lives!

Meanwhile, Tasha is still at home with the kids, trying to explain to them why Uncle Shawn is dead. Oh, and Tommy? He is now #GhostTommy. But fans quickly learn, #GhostsNeverDie.

Now that the season 3 premiere has finally aired (and sits in On-Demand, ready for constant replay), here are five things fans should be questioning now that Power has returned.

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    Has Tommy Lost His Mind?

    Now that Tommy has let everyone know that Ghost is supposedly out of the game, he's taken it upon himself to take over Lobos' New York network. But instead of operating in the shadows like his former friend and boss, Tommy wants everyone to know that he runs the streets now. Unfortunately, his attempt to make moves with his mask off quickly backfires the moment he comes home and can't find any sign of Holly and follows a trail of blood to their dog lying with his throat slit open on the kitchen floor.

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    Why is Holly Always Disappearing?

    During season 2, Holly walked in and out of Tommy's life more than fans should be able to remember. She left on her own, then Ghost forced her to leave, and now, well, she's gone again. We just don't know why? Was she kidnapped by the same person who slaughtered Bell (the dog) in her kitchen, was she out tailing Tommy when the incident happened and just hadn't made her way home yet? Or did she decide to walk out again after Tommy told her she wasn't allowed to join him for a business ride-along?

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    What is Lobos' Plan of Attack Against Ghost?

    While James St. Patrick thinks Felipe Lobos is laying somewhere nice and cold, a very living and warm-blooded Lobos is quietly seeking revenge against the man that tried to kill him. And he plans to do it while making the world believes he's dead.

    Tommy, Julio and the District Attorney's office are the only people privy to Lobos' current living situation - or they were until Julio (and Angela) alerted Ghost. Julio didn't know it was supposed to be a secret, but Angela knew better, which leads us to the fourth thing you should be wondering about season 3...

    He's not welcome anymore. #PowerTV

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    What are James and Angela's Agenda?

    Angela is a United States prosecutor shacking up with a major drug dealer. To make things worse, her office is investigating her boyfriend. Ghost James and Angie have come clean about their respective lines of work, and vowed to look out for each other. But in her heart of hearts, she must know that plan won't last forever. So fans should seriously be asking, what is she up to? And more importantly, what is James up to?

    If you remember correctly, Ghost was ready to cut all ties with Angela last season after he found out who she really works for, but Tasha told him to keep her close - so, he found a way to stick around. But now, he lives with Angie, and things seem a little deeper than "business" as usual.

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    Does Ghost Really Get Back in the Game?

    James St. Patrick made it clear that Ghost is out of the game. He's a legit businessman now with three legit clubs operating throughout the U.S. But somewhere along his new straight-and-narrow path, St. Patrick gets hit with the very card he used as a diversion when laying Lobos and New York's drug dealers to rest. Then he gets a visit from Julio explaining Tommy's psychopathic actions and Lobos' current request to keep things moving as usual.

    While he and Tommy haven't officially been friends for what appears to be maybe a month in reality (and only an hour in TV time), James quickly reaches out when his lives start crossing paths. In fact, he reaches out and says, "Tommy, we need to talk. It's Ghost." #LongLiveTheDead

    Everyone wants him dead, but Ghosts never die. The #PowerPremiere begins TONIGHT at 9PM E/P on @starz.

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