The secret's out: Your Old Droog is not some gruff-voiced alter-ego of Nas. Although the cat was swiftly let out of the bag (if there was even a cat in the bag to begin with), the mysterious Coney Island, N.Y., MC has kept people talking. His latest track is proof why.

Taking cues from that one Pookie scene in 'New Jack City,' 'Free Turkey' offers a healthy serving of delicious -- or disgusting, whichever way you look at it -- bars that'll leave your belly feeling bloated by the end of the first verse.

"I spread knowledge through hate and educate / You cater to the masses, the dumbasses," he spits, just in case you were unsure about which side of the hip-hop fence Droog lies.

The song flips the Heath Brothers' 'Smilin' Billy Suite Pt. II,' which just so happens to be the same sample used by Nas on 'One Love.' That's Droog's way of throwing more fuel onto the fire of Internet conspiracies, all with a wry smile smeared across his face.

Listen to Your Old Droog's 'Free Turkey'