Your Old Droog went from possible Nas doppelganger to a promising rhymer with a sense of humor. The Brooklyn-based rapper released his ode to hustling called 'Get the Paper.'

The new joint is a remix of the Beastie Boys' classic 1992 song, 'Pass the Mic.' Instead of the trio's deft interplay, we get a series of Droog's witticisms related to getting money every morning and that nice cup of coffee. Like many critics, the rapper also has grievances with today's slang.

"You know guap / As in green as in guacamole / I don't know why they started saying guap, should've been stopped," he muses.

In addition to the song, the 'Nutty Bars' rhymer also used a New York Times review of his Webster Hall show as the artwork.

Your Old Droog released his debut album last year, but there should be more music coming from him in these next couple of months. It's good to see that he is staying on his grind.

Listen to Your Old Droog's 'Get the Paper'

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