The respected wordsmith Your Old Droog is back with a new song that further illustrates why he's the freshest voice in rap right now. The Coney Island, N.Y., native's new tune, 'Secondhand Gunsmoke,' is actually a remix of 'Gunsmoke Cologne' from the self-titled EP that started his buzz.

With producer J-Zone on the drums and writer-musician Sacha Jenkins on guitar, Droog spits a whole new verse that consists of braggadocios punchlines, shout outs to Shade 45 and several celebrity name drops (Pamela Anderson, Lil Fizz and Sinbad, among others).

"I'm not really as cocky as I sound / But you'll be Shock by my G, I get around," he raps. He then follows with, "After I'm done, my dru can get his / You already know what it is / But I'm not 17 / I'm not running a trizz / Groupies get passed down / But nobody can beat the wiz."

We are still scratching our heads as to why Your Old Droog is not signed to a major label yet. Or maybe he's going the independent route? One thing's for sure, he needs to perform on our popular 16 Bars video series and show cats how it's really done.

Listen to Your Old Droog's smoking new track below.

Listen to Your Old Droog's 'Secondhand Gunsmoke'

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