Succeeding in hip-hop is always a tough proposition, but Hollywood is truly the holy grail of money and success in the entertainment industry. Recently, Young Jeezy decided to move his game to the silver screen in a vehicle called 'The Janky Promoters' that stars Ice Cube and Mike Epps playing two shady concert promoters. The idea seemed solid enough, but The Weinstein Company didn't really feel that way. Now they've announced the film -- which was originally set to hit the big screen in the summer, before news hit of a scheduled "limited released" on Oct. 19 -- will bypass normal release and head straight to DVD racks at Blockbuster.

"As time went on and the 3rd quarter of 2009 rolled around, our insiders report that The Weinstein Company had to make the decision to completely cut certain films from their slate and sell off the rights or distribute straight-to-DVD," reads a report from Wooha News. "In the case of 'Janky Promoters,' it was decided that with the star power of Ice Cube behind it and it being a comedy which generally rent well, that they would go straight-to-DVD and take their chances with it as a Blockbuster exclusive."

So, the movie has a clear audience but those people go to Blockbuster rather than theatres? Yeah, that makes a ton of sense. In yet another instance of a media company backing up its investment, 'The Janky Promoters' hit racks on Nov. 24 with no marketing, promotion or media appearances by cast members.

In a recent interview with SOHH, actor Mike Epps was short when explaining the film's plight: "That movie got dumped. Yeah, you might catch it on DVD or something. It didn't work. It was some studio issues. Studio issues, it didn't work."