XXXtentacion must love taking Ls. After getting viciously knocked out while performing at his show, the Florida rapper falls flat on his face again thanks to a couple of his handlers.

Apparently, at his shows, XXXtentacion loves to jump into the audience and crowd surf. But at his recent Seattle stop on his "Revenge" tour, he didn’t quite stick the landing.

In the video above, you can see the rapper’s handlers onstage trying to heave XXXtentacion into the audience so he can crowd surf. On the third swing, his crew lets him go, and he flies into the air and lands violently into the barriers. Ouch!

No worries. XXXtentacion bounces back up and continues to mosh it out with the crowd as if it was all part of his act. We are quite sure his head was hurting afterwards.

Again, this isn't the first time he took an L. XXXtentacion went night-night at his San Diego show last week.

We can only guess that touring for XXXtentacion is an occupational hazard. We hope he has insurance.

If you want to see XXXtentacion successfully crowd surf in concert, check out the video below.

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