As XXXTentacion prepares for the release of his latest album 17, the Florida rapper gave his fans a treat with a new song called “Ok Shorty!”

Coming in at under two minutes, the song is a short one but is sure to please XXX fans.

“Spin on my d---, uh yuh/Just like a fidget uh yuh/When she on my d---, uh ay/Look like a midget, uh ay/Ok lil shawty wan eat on my body, just like a Frito Lay, uh yuh/Just like I’m Phineas or like lil Ferb what did you do today.”

Produced by Natra Average, XXXTentacion promised fans his album wouldn’t sound like the song, saying, “Don’t worry this is not what my album sounds like lol.”

Check out XXXTentacion’s latest song below.

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