Never one to shy away from controversy, Florida rapper XXXTentacion recently led a “F--- the KKK” chant during a June 4 concert in Phoenix, Arizona.

Before starting his rant, the “Look at Me!” played a clip featuring a hate-filled speech from the documentary, Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History. As the speech played in the background, XXXTentacion asked the crowd, “You hear this s---?”

The rapper then went on to say, “Pause it. Pause it. Now listen, I don’t give a f--- if you’re black, white, yellow, purple. I don’t give a f--- if you’re gay. I don’t give a f---- if you’re straight. I give a f---- if you’re a person.”

XXXTentacion then asked the Phoenix to crowd to say “F---- the KKK,” telling them to scream louder. "I stand for equality for all people. I don’t give a f--- what you are, where you’re from — a person is a person. And a person deserves to live. And a person has freedom of speech. And a person deserves to have freedom.”

The rapper’s anti-KKK chant then turned into an anti-President Donald Trump chant, as the crowd began to yell, “F---- Donald Trump.” Check out footage of XXXTentacion’s chant below.


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