On Wednesday, XXXTentacion posted a video of himself which featured the rapper hanging from a noose tied to a tree. Now, the Florida artist is speaking up about the video saying it was a just a preview for an upcoming music video.

XXXTentacion posted a behind the scenes clip of the upcoming video, saying, “If you thought I would ‘pretend’ to kill myself for a publicity stunt you’re f---ing stupid.” The rapper also posted a longer message on Instagram, writing, “Damn n----, I’m not gonna lie I’m pissed off as f---.”

He continued,” I couldn’t even surprise you guys cause I was scared someone would hurt themselves, and my feelings hurt as f---, do you all really think I could kill myself and show that to the kids? You don’t think I have more dignity than that? S--- makes me not even want to make music anymore, not allowed to be an artist it seems.”

According to Complex, the rapper also addressed the situation in a series of tweets but has since deleted the posts. In the deleted tweets, XXXTentacion reportedly said he couldn’t comment on the video at first because he was busy filming and editing. He also claimed the noose was “a prop from a slavery scene.”

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