This year has been a whirlwind of highs and lows for emerging talent Jhene Aiko, who signed with renowned label Def Jam and also lost her older brother Miyagi to cancer.

The 24-year-old singer, who recently performed a sold out show at New York City's S.O.B.s during the week of the CMJ Music Festival, has filled her upcoming album, Souled Out, with the feelings of her most recent experiences. Her March 2011 mixtape, Sailing Souls, played like a diary of roller coaster relationships, but her album goes beyond that.

"I just reached a little deeper to talk about more of my feelings on stuff aside from just boys and relationship type of stuff," Jhene tells The BoomBox. "My feelings towards life and what life means to me, and my philosophies, and a lot of the stuff that I tweet about -- I think there's some spiritual element to Souled Out. A lot more than Sailing Souls for sure."

The album will feature production from Sailing Souls producer Fisticuffs, her mentor No I.D. and Dot da Genius, whom she was especially excited to work with since his WZRD co-star Kid Cudi is on her wish list of collaborations.

"It was memorable when I met with Dot da Genius because I didn't really know I was going to record, and I ended up having a song that I had in my head that just worked perfectly to his track," she explains. "I was really excited to work with him because I like Kid Cudi, and he works with him, and I was like, 'Oh you know, I'm one step closer.'"

Listen to Jhene Aiko's "For My Brother"

The songbird has made her footing in music this year thanks to her vivid storytelling and relationship advice on Sailing Souls, so The BoomBox decided to hand Jhene the dating coach hat, and ask her how a man can keep a woman interested while out on a date.

Here are Jhene's top five hints for you fellas. Don't screw it up!

1. Don't Stare

"Don't look at another girl's ass when she's walking by no matter how big it is. Even if it's so big that the girl has to look, don't. Your girl should be your main focus, and girls are sensitive like that.

"And you know in your mind it's like something with lights just passed you by, but every girl is not going to understand that, so just keep the attention on the girl."

2. Listen to Her

"Really listen to what she's talking about if you guys are having a conversation."

3. Never Bring up the Ex

"Don't bring up exes. Don't bring up what your last girlfriend did. Try to keep the conversation away from the past."

4. Get Fresh

"I don't personally pay attention to what a person is wearing. I probably wouldn't notice, unless it's the old Fubu that says 'FUBU.' I mean take a shower. Cologne is a good one. If you get a good cologne, so Versace Dreamer is a good one. Dunhill Desire is a good one, and Aqua Di Gio.

"A person can come with Fubu on, for me, you know, you give them a hug and you smell good, then you won't be thinking about that. Oh Sexual [cologne]. I have a cousin, he doesn't really do good with the ladies and I made him get that cologne.

"He was like, 'The same day three woman stopped me just to ask me what I had on just walking by.' And he's a nerd. So smell good. Take a shower."

5. Be Yourself

"And be yourself. Don't lie about where you work, or what kind of car you have. You know if she likes you, then she likes you even if you pull up in a hoopty. And if she doesn't like you because of those things then you shouldn't be on a date with her."

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