Radio personality DJ Whoo Kid was arrested outside the G-Unit offices yesterday (Jan. 31), and held until his morning for driving with a suspended license and oustanding traffic tickets.

"I went to the G-Unit offices to have a meeting for some VH1 sh-t," he explained. "I was on my way to interview A$AP Ferg [at Shade 45]. I had to go up 40th St. and I'm getting the phone calls to make sure I'm getting to Shade. I looked at my phone to see who was calling me and a cop thought I was texting so he pulled me over. It's the 31st, so it's their quota. Once they saw I had nine suspensions, I had my boy from the office come take my car, and that's when [the police] took me."

Whoo Kid, born Yves Mondesir, was pulled over at approximately 1:30PM, and taken straight to Central Bookings, where he apparently had a pretty good time.

"It was a rough and cool time," he said of his night in the tombs. "It's not like people was trying to fuck with me. Everybody was happy I was in there; they couldn't believe that Whoo Kid was locked up with them."

Despite his celebrity, Whoo Kid still had to face the same conditions as the rest of his fellow cellmates. Thankfully, he had some inside advice.

"I had to hold my shit for 19 hours," Whoo kid explained. "The first thing did when I got home was take a shit. If anything is real it's me rushing home to take a shit. I held it. I didn't eat nothing. That's the first thing Yayo told me. 'Don't eat kid, G-Unit.'"

Whoo Kid was released and instructed to correct his traffic tickets with the DMV. Unfortunately, he was forced to cancel his interview with A$AP Ferg and a scheduled appearance on BET's "106 & Park," while he was jailed.

"I'm just trying to stay out of jail for some bullshit. I think I got street cred, yo. Come on, 19 hours? Nine suspensions, kid? I'm bigger than Rick Ross right now."

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