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Swizz Beatz is an artist now, and plans to earn the respect of his peers with his talents. "When they see my paintings, Shepard Fairey can say Swizz has been down for a while," Swizzy said. "[Graffiti artist] StayHigh 149, who is a legend, he can tell you that Swizz, he's one of us, in a way...I want to be accepted, not because I am Swizz Beatz, but because I am Kasseem Dean, the artist." [XXL]

DJ Whoo Kid revealed that he prefers interviewing Hollywood stars over rappers because they "wild out" a little bit more. "I still do hip-hop artists, but I concentrate more on Hollywood cats, because, not only are they hard to get at, but I always get a second side of them," Whoo Kid explained. "I just interviewed Denise Richards, and I got her to talk about sucking d--k for 20 minutes. I don't start the s--t, though. They have the energy, and see I'm on Eminem's channel and they want to wild out." Yeah, but Denise Richards also married Charlie Sheen. Not all Hollywood stars are that "open." [HipHopWired]