Gucci Mane says that he's "living the life" and he's proving it in the latest Surpreme ad.

Since being released from prison in May, Guwop has been a busy man. In the Harmony Korine-directed ad, Guwop slows down a bit to play the piano, count money, sing around his mansion and talk shop. It seems that he's discovered the magic of the internet shopping as well.

“I shop off the Internet. I don’t go to the store,” he said in the minute-long ad. “You motherf----- think I go to the store? I just hit the button and the shit just come to the house.” Gucci goes on to boast about his "30 kids" who've become rappers and producers before telling the cameraman that he's "living the life."

This isn't the first time that Korrine and Gucci have worked together. The director worked with Gucci on the set of the 2012's crime drama, Spring Breakers.

Now, that Gucci is back in the game, the rapper is not wasting any time hitting up old connections -- and new ones. He's already released a bunch of songs including a feature verse on Kanye West's "Champions" and on Drake's "Back on Road." He's also slated to release the album, Everybody Lookin' on July 22 with features from Kanye West and Young Thug.

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