Life is good for Wale and Meek Mill but it almost wasn't. The Maybach Music Group rappers contemplate their lives and success in the new video 'Heaven's Afternoon.'

The black-and-white visual juxtaposes the bleak past with the rappers' current success. Of course, a tricked-out Maybach co-stars in the Jon J-helmed video. "We ain't supposed to never have nothing. We ain't supposed to never have sh*t," Wale muses on the track.

'Heaven's Afternoon' is from Wale's most recent studio release, 'Ambition.'

Recently, Wale got himself involved in controversy over 'Ambition' when he threatened Complex magazine for not ranking it among the top 50 albums of the year. “I’m not for the money, dog,” Wale explained later to radio station Hot 97. “I love the music and I love the fans because there’s a core group of people that really follow what I do. So when you’re doing stuff like that and you’re omitting me from these lists, these people spend their hard-earned money to see me rock out … it’s just like sports. You want to see your team win. You want to see your favorite team be successful. You want to have bragging rights for your artists.”