Wale's threats against Complex magazine became a talking point for many after the publication leaked the audio of the rapper spazzing out last week. He hasn't really had a chance to defend his outburst until he sat down with Hot 97 radio personalities Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg.

'The Gifted' rhymer clearly didn't regret his actions and even says he would've assaulted the Complex editor who received the infamous phone call if they had met in person at that time. Wale didn't cite record sales or critical reviews as the reason behind his rage -- he simply appealed to fairness. He believes he worked hard enough on the album to deserve a spot on the 'Best 50 Best Albums of 2013' list.

"I'm not for the money, dog," Wale says. "I love the music and I love the fans because there's a core group of people that really follow what I do. So when you're doing stuff like that and you're omitting me from these lists, these people spend their hard-earned money to see me rock out ... it's just like sports. You want to see your team win. You want to see your favorite team be successful. You want to have bragging rights for your artists."

He also theorized there are plenty of behind-the-scenes reasons for 'The Gifted''s omission. One of them is the famous Kid Cudi Complex interview in which he says, "We don't f--- with you musically, so we're not going to provide music for you," referring to his camp's refusal to work with Wale.

The interview also revealed an interesting tidbit. Wale said Jay Z called him after his outburst leaked and told him about the consequences of the phone call. "You just validated them," Hov told him. "You let your ego do it, and you just made that list important."

There was also discussion of why his camp refused Complex's attempts to reach out to him before they leaked the audio of the initial interview. He believes the publication was trying to extort him for another interview to possibly further exploit him.

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