Waka Flocka Flame shocked fans when he made an announcement on Sway in the Morning that he’s not black. In the interview, the Atlanta rapper said that he doesn’t consider himself black American and that his heritage goes deeper than skin color.

Waka Flocka said that his grandmother talked to him about his heritage and told him that he's Native American - Redfoot and Black Tail Indian. “Yeah my mother and father are 100 percent Indians,” he said. “I asked my other grandma and she said we got Cherokee and European, Italian and a little bit of Dominican.”

When Mike Muse asked what he prefers to be called when it comes to Census identity, Waka Flocka simply said “other.” “I’m uneducated, so for me to sit here like a college professor, I’m wrong,” he said. “I’m uneducated, I’m confused, but I’m damn sure not black. You’re not gonna call me black. My grandmother’s not Crayola. I’m connected to a tribe, not a country. There’s a big difference.”

Waka Flocka's statement generated a tidal wave of responses and critiques from fans. It also prompted the "Hard in da Paint" rapper to address his comments on his Instagram account.

In the video above, Waka Flocka clarified that he's doesn't identifies himself as a black American. He added that folks should get out of the Matrix and seek the real truth. In the vid's caption, it reads, in part:

Instead of judging me ask yourselves why... Why Waka ghetto ass talking like this. Why Waka saying all this woke s---. Why Trump not... Why the media ignore real issues. Why we support xyz. We all have to fix ourselves to see the real problems...

All I want is for US to do is THINK. Tradition is truth!!!!
I stand on my words IM NOT BLACK. I told y'all from the beginning of my rap career. I'm not rapping to be the best. I rap to be the realist that EVER did it. We all slaves it's just my community was tortured."

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Watch Waka Flocka Flame Philosophizes On Not Being Black on Sway In the Morning

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